Blue Tortoiseshell Cat

Blue Tortoiseshell Cat

A blue tortoiseshell cat has a patched coat that is a variation of the tortoiseshell pattern. Although most torties will have a brindled coat with very few white patches and colours including black, red, orange and brown – there are several variations and the blue tortoiseshell cat has a coat that includes blue and cream patches, providing a lighter and more pastel like colour.

Blue tortoiseshell cats are also known as blue-cream or dilute torties, and if you have a dilute tortie from when she is a young kitten then you will notice that the cream patches will develop and become more noticeable over time as she grows and matures. Another variation of the blue tortoiseshell cat is blue patched tabby, which have very similar colours but in a tabby pattern.

It is not known if blue-cream or dilute torties behave any differently to β€˜normal’ tortoiseshell cats, or if their tortitude is any less noticeable. They are great to have as family pets and will provide a bundle of love and fun in your home, and they are also certain to be a topic of conversation for any visitors who will be keen to know how they developed their very distinctive and beautiful coats!

Do you own a blue tortoiseshell cat? It would be great to hear from any blue-cream tortie owners – and to find out if they have any more or any less tortitude than normal!


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