One of the distinctive features of a tortie is her strong and forceful personality, which is often known as ‘Tortitude’. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, Tortoiseshell cat owners will usually have plenty of Tortitiude stories to tell if you give them a chance!

Torties are very possessive of their owners, and will often greet them when they come home from school or work with a raised tail and a demand for strokes and lots of attention, often accompanied by a loud purring. If her tail is raised, then this is a form of greeting so make sure that you give her plenty of cuddles and she will probably follow you around the house for a while. She will be particuarly interested in the weekly shopping or any new purchases that you may have made, and very keen to get in the shopping bags!

Tortitude usually means that your cat will get what she wants, or she will certainly do her best to get your attention while trying. She will also probably be very bold and curious – she will want to know what is going on when any visitors come to the house and will be keen to help the delivery men or anyone trying to read the gas meter!

But tortitude can also mean that it feels like your cat has a split personality, she can be sitting on your lap enjoying your company and then suddenly turn and attach you for no particular reason. Tortitude is part of what makes us love Tortoiseshell cats so much and makes them an important part of the home – we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What do you think about Tortitude? Does you cat have it? Let us know your Tortitude stories.


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