Tortoiseshell cat names

Choosing a name for the new member of your family is a big decision as once her name sticks, you are all going to have to live with it for as long as she is around. It goes without saying that selecting a name is a very personal decision, but it can also be great fun and something that all of the family can get involved with. Nothing will make your young children happier than selecting a name for your cute tortoiseshell kitten, and then watching her grow and become a key member of the family over the years.

There are literally thousands of cat names that you can choose from (we found a website with over 16,000!), so we won’t list all the options here. You just need to make sure that you choose a name that suits your cat’s personality, and if it has some personal meaning to you then that is even better.

The beautiful coat of black, orange, red, brown and black can be the inspiration for plenty of tortoiseshell cat names and some of our favourites are ‘Amber’, ‘Patches’, ‘Cinder’ and ‘Chocolate’. Alternatively you might want to choose a name that suits her because of her tortitude, so how about ‘Mystery’, ‘Ice Queen’ or good old ‘Krazy Kat!’. Also remember that 99.97% of tortoiseshell cats are female – so make sure you give her a girls name.

Once you have chosen a few names, try them out on your cat and see which one suits her best – you may find a name that sticks straight away or it might take a little while before you find the perfect one. Then you just need to get her used to her name – call her name and give her some treats if she comes to you and try to use a soft tone and tender voice.

We hope this helps if you are trying to find a name for your tortoiseshell cat and kitten. We know it is not easy so why don’t you let us know what names your torties have?


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