Best Wet Cat Food

Many cat owners prefer to feed their cat with wet cat food, so we have prepared this useful at-a-glance table with some of our recommended options. There are some more detailed reviews below, but this should be a great starting point!

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Ensuring that your cat has a healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of being a cat owner. But with so many different types of cat food available, how do you decide what to feed your cat?

Best Wet Cat Food

Wet Cat Food or Dry Cat Food?

The biggest decision you will probably have to face is whether to feed your cat with wet cat food or dry cat food. The main difference between them is that wet cat food contains more moisture, so this means that it helps to keep your cat hydrated.

However, this shouldn’t be the main reason you should use wet cat food, as your cat can easily get their hydration from elsewhere, especially if you use a cat water fountain.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Cats require high levels of protein in their diet, and one of the benefits of wet cat food is that the protein levels are often higher than in dry cat food. This is also a factor when looking for the best kitten food.

A good quality cat food will contain a high level of meat or seafood content, with low levels of filler such as grains or pellets.

This not only makes the food much tastier for your cat, it also provides them with the protein they require.  

Wet cat foods also usually include a lower level of carbohydrates which also fits in with a cats dietary requirement. There are some wet cat foods specifically designed for cats with diabetes, and you can read more about these on our post on the best diabetic cat food.

Another benefit of wet cat food is that it is easier to chew than dry cat food, so your cat will enjoy the process of eating. Wet cat food can also be better for cats if they have any problems with their teeth.

Wet cat food can also be good for cats who require any assistance with their kidneys or urinary tract, as it includes more moisture than dry cat food. It is very important to keep your cat hydrated, as laid out in our post on cat water fountains.

A further benefit of wet cat food is that it is easy to control the portion sizes. Many wet cat foods come in cans or pouches so it is easy to give your cat just the right amount of food. This avoids the problem of overfilling a cat bowl which is easy to do with dry cat food.

Finally, wet cat food can just be really tasty! There is a great range of wet cat food available in dozens of different flavours - so as well as the health aspects your cat can enjoy a really varied and tasty diet from wet cat food. 

Best Wet Cat Food

With so many different brands and flavours of wet cat food available, it can be difficult to know which food to buy.

We have reviewed several leading brands, including Whiskas, Sheba and Applelaws and tried to find the wet cat foods with the best nutritional content as well as those which have the best taste and texture.

Whiskas 1+ Wet Cat Food Pouches, Mixed Selection in Jelly

Everyone knows that Whiskas produces quality cat food, so this is why the Whiskas Mixed Selection in Jelly is one of our recommendations.

This wet cat food has been produced for cats in their prime, with a selection of four tasty flavours including chicken, beef, tuna and seafood.

The pouches include juicy chunks of food combined with tasty jelly, so your cat will enjoy fulsome meal as well as great flavour.

The food provides nutrition and minerals so will keep your cat active while being suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats.

Choose from packs of 84 or 120 pouches, with further flavour options available. Packs of this cat food are also available in a tasty gravy sauce as an alternative to jelly.

Sheba Select Slices in Gravy

Sheba is another leading brand which offers a great selection of wet cat food.

This selection is available in a box of 12 x 85g pouches, with a choice of chicken, poultry or a mixed box. The pouches include generous slices of meat covered in a rich gravy sauce, and there are also larger boxes available which provide even better value for money.

All Sheba wet cat food pouches include high quality ingredients which provide a balanced and nutritional diet and are without artificial colours or preservatives.

Lily’s Kitchen Adult Natural Wet Cat Food

We love this multipack wet cat food option from Lily’s Kitchen, which includes a great selection of four wholesome and healthy cat recipes.

You can choose from Classic Chicken Dinner, Lovely Lamb Casserole, Hunter’s Hot Pot and Poultry Pie, and the best thing about these meals is that they include 65% fresh meat as well as added vitamins and essential taurine.

This selection of wet cat food is more expensive than most other brands, so it may be a good option for a treat if your cat has been on good behaviour!

Purina One Adult Cat Food Mini Fillets in Gravy

This great selection of wet cat food from Purina ONE helps to keep your cat healthy and strong.

All pouches include mini fillets of either chicken, beef, lamb or ocean fish combined with vegetables to provide a balanced and nutritious meal. 

The pouches are an ideal size to help with portion control, and the meat is served in a rich, tasty sauce to make sure nothing is left behind.

Applelaws 100% Natural Wet Cat Food Tuna and Pacific Prawn


It is important to make sure that you are feeding your cat good quality food with a high nutritional content that is good for your health.

Just like humans, different cats will prefer different foods to other cats so it may take some trial and error to find their favourite meal.

However, if you consider all of the factors we have discussed in this post then your cat should enjoy a healthy and varied diet.

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  1. Applaws wet food IS NOT COMPLETE, it is a treat food and your cat will need a complete food. Whiskers, sheba, felix ect are all rubbish and usually only 4% meat/fish.

  2. I find the Royal Canin for sterilised cats wet food exceptionally good. My son is a veterinary nurse and he recommended it. My little Tortie loves it and there’s never any waste. She is very healthy.


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