Blue Tortoiseshell Cat

A blue tortoiseshell cat has a patched coat that is a variation of the tortoiseshell pattern. Although most torties will have a brindled coat with very few white patches and colours including black, red, orange and brown – there are several variations and the blue tortoiseshell cat has a coat that includes blue and cream patches, providing a lighter and more pastel like colour.

Blue tortoiseshell cats are also known as blue-cream or dilute torties, and if you have a dilute tortie from when she is a young kitten then you will notice that the cream patches will develop and become more noticeable over time as she grows and matures. Another variation of the blue tortoiseshell cat is blue patched tabby, which have very similar colours but in a tabby pattern.

It is not known if blue-cream or dilute torties behave any differently to β€˜normal’ tortoiseshell cats, or if their tortitude is any less noticeable. They are great to have as family pets and will provide a bundle of love and fun in your home, and they are also certain to be a topic of conversation for any visitors who will be keen to know how they developed their very distinctive and beautiful coats!


Do you own a blue tortoiseshell cat? It would be great to hear from any blue-cream tortie owners – and to find out if they have any more or any less tortitude than normal!

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  1. Hello, I have a Blue Tortie (Patches) and a Calico (Sundae)…they are siblings and about 10wks old that I have had since 6wks….right now they both are equally active and playful….Patches however loves to attack Sundae when she is sleeping and is always bitting down on her back leg when they tussle, Patches is also bigger and has thicker shorter fur then Sundae. However when it’s time for bed, Patches becomes the sweetest kitten crying for head scratches and body massages and wanting to nurse on their favorite blanket. I have noticed that her cream spots are getting more noticable on her body with her getting bigger also…their mom is a black and gold tortie and she had 3 calicos and 2 blue tortie.

  2. My daughter’s blue tortie runs and body slams our Siberian and American short hair, she demands that she is center of attention. Every one is impressed that she walks on a leash and loves to shop, I will admit she is a handful and waking up to her sitting on my chest and whiskers in my face is no way to wake up. But we love her one of a kind attitude she is so much fun and so cute

  3. My diluted tortie likes to sneak attack my kid and snags his shirt when he stops petting her. She lays between me and my baby girl (AKA the “danger zone” for Little Ms. Grabby-hands) and demands it’s time to pet her.

    • My female dilute tortie sneak attacks and wags her tail like a dog and is very chatty and plays for hours it’s funny because she’s more like a dog than a cat.

  4. I have a grey and peach tortie. We have owned her for over ten years. She loves to talk and is very social/playful but it is obvious that she loves me the most. She constantly cuddles me every chance she gets. She is very intelligent and loves it when we entertain.

    • She also is a very good traveler and very adaptable. Her personality is more similar to a loyal dog than to other cats that we have had in the past.

  5. I was adopted by a blue totie who calls herself Poot 9 years ago. She is a one person kitty. She worships me but doesn’t have the time of day anyone else, man or animal, no matter how familiar they become. She hides when unfamiliar people are around, yet will fearlessly run an unfamiliars 50lb dog straight out of the house within seconds of it arrival! I love my Poot kitty!

  6. I just got a 10 week old female dilute tortie & named her Suma (Egyptian for born in summer). She’s half Siamese and half Russian Blue. Boy oh boy is she sassy and busy! Very talkative too. I’ve never had a cat use their “hands” so much. It’s like having a toddler in the house. She talks more than any cat I’ve ever had too. Also, not sure if this is normal for torties but she LOVES water. She splashes water out of her dish, leaving my floors wet, jumps in the shower with me and jumps on the counter trying to use her “hands” to turn the wster on so she can play in that. I love the new addition but I’ve gotta practically child proof my childless house for this one. LOL

  7. I own a dilute tortie– she definitely has tortitude, she owns the house, and mother’s my other two cats. She grooms them, but will tackle them and fight if they don’t want to be groomed. She’s also a good theif, she told open bags of chips and steals them.

  8. I have 2 Dilute torties. One named Pinky who is 14 years old and the other is Nala who is 7 months old. Pinky is in charge and she lets Nala know it with a hiss, or a chirp. Nala respects Pinky and has gotten closer to her. It is so cute how little Nala follows Pinky around the house. She looks up to Pinky. My black and gold tortie Nadia 1 year old was adopted together with Nala from a shelter. Pinky’s best friend Sonny passed away, so I adopted 2 more torties. The house is full of Tortitude!

    • Hi I read your post and find myself in a similar situation. I have a cat who’s buddy past away. And am looking to adopt two Torties one dilute and one black and gold. How do you feel your older resident cat took to having not 1 But 2 new comers? Any suggestions?

      Any advice appreciated! Thank you!

  9. I have a dilute, she’s the best, she’s got so much character. Knows who is who in the house too! My dads the one to ask for food, I’m the one to ask for cuddles from, my sister is just… there lol and my mum is the one to fear. My little baby was rescued at 8 weeks old by myself and she is veryyyyy vocal. She fears the great outdoors but loves sitting, looking out of the window. She also loves to eat! Lol! Torties are the best!

  10. I have a 10 year old blue and cream torte. Her name is Sylvia and she is very vocal when she wants something. My bed is very high up from the ground, and if she sees me sitting or lying down on it, she jumps right on for a petting session with lots of purring. She doesn’t like to be held at all, and will come to me when she wants. She is smart, loyal and affectionate, of course, on her terms, hates other cats (I tried to bring one home and it almost turned into one big brawl of a fight). She is a joy of a companion.

    • If your kitty is a blue tortie, it has very little or no white fur. It’s coloring consists of pastel blue-gray, orange and peach. Also it will have (from what I’ve read and personal experience) a bit of a diva cattitude along with a loyal devotion to the one person who loves it.

  11. I have a blue cream torti I got her from a friend when she was three weeks old. I have a Queensland healer also and she took the the torti like her own raised her nursed her and played together.they even sleep together.but as I here most torti owners say mine also won’t let u in the bathroom alone always has to be there to get love or watch you take a bath ,she’s just so funny.she is really picky about her food.she act’s just like one of the dogs in play and even growls at the mailman.we love her so much a great addition to the family!

    • Hi there. In have a blue and cream tortie of about 6 months old. I rescued her last week and I am her third home. Already she is following me everywhere like yours does. She is unbelievably mellow unlike my little brindle tortie who loves mayhem and mischief but is equally as affectionate.

      • Well done for giving her a home…she’s following you about so soon most likely because being only 6 months and already not having the best start in life, she might be feeling exceptionally vulnerable. ..and does not like to let you out of her sight, bless her. But if it carries on..let her know she has no reason to fret or worry as you’re not going anywhere and neither is she.

  12. I have a regular blue tort and a dilut tort. They are not genetically sisters but they sure act like they are sisters. My regular tort is very sweet but shy. She will run and hide if anything is too loud for her. She also hides if anyone other then my family comes over to my apartment.But she will normally come out to investigate after a few minutes. She loves to jump up on my mom and sisters shoulders and play or go for rides. My dilut is also very sweet but not nearly as shy. They are both scary smart. They play fetch with me and will follow me into the bathroom. They both are very ornery girls but wonderful. I got them within a few months of each other. They were both strays and it amazes me how anyone could abandon animals. Especially cats that are soooo beautiful and neat little creatures. My family and I wondered how they can be so much alike but they are not from the same litter. They both love to sleep with me. My regular tortie sleeps beside me or on my ankles and my dilut tort will sleep on my stomach. They have different people food they enjoy and seem to know when I am making their favorites.

  13. I adopted my dilute tortie when she was 7 and she is literally the friendliest cat I have ever met! I have had her for over a year, and everyone she meets falls in love with her! She is so adaptable and a good traveller… she is good with cats, dogs, and children… I don’t know if that’s because of her personality or how she was raised since I am not sure where she came from because I got her from a shelter. Either way, the best cat I have ever met… so happy I got her!

  14. I love my blue dilute tortie her name is Nakita. She definitatly has what I am hearing is toritude. She has so much energy, loves people, likes to play fetch, very vocal (we engage in full conversations), she is a diva as she demands the finest things from attention to her particular taste in cat food. Everyone who meets her loves her, and she makes it a point to approve of the men in my life. I have never known her to be aggressive but she swiped at one and had a stare down with another needless to say they had to go because Nakita said so! She loves my boyfriend and sleeps on top of his chest with one paw on his face. Awe yes gets me every time! When I lost my spouse, Nakita hated my cry she would bite and pull my hair to make me stop, I had PTSD so when I would wake up with terrors she would curl up beside me, on occasion she would wake me from nightmares with a soft paw across my cheek as if she was a parent soothing a child. With this post you can tell I talk rather fast and a lot and there is times she will put a paw on my mouth like she is telling me “shut up” cracks me up! She is my best friend I couldn’t have went through the loss with out her being a widow at 33 she was the only one who could soothe me.

  15. I have a dilute tortie, and she definitely has the most interesting personality of our three cats. She hates being petted unless she comes to you for affection, and will not let me pick her up or hold her for more than 30 seconds if she did not initiate. When she does decide she wants attention, she is the sweetest kitty, and will sleep on the pillow above my head, or on my feet. She also has this little quirk where anytime anyone sneezes, she makes this little chirping/cackle noise like she is saying “bless you!”. We tell her that she is very polite, and she seems pretty pleased with herself.

  16. We have never been able to hit on our cats coat color. This moring seeing a new vet she used the words Blue Cream Tortie. It describes her right down to the cream colors coming out later. she started off solid gray.

  17. I have a blue cream tortie who is the most amazing, affectionate cat in the world. She is fantasic with my 3 kids (under 4) and extremely smart. She is more like the family dog with the way seh plays catch and acts around everyone. We love her!

  18. I’ve got a 6 month old blue tortie, and she definitely has tortietude galore, she is very demanding about when she wants to cuddle. I can’t go to the bathroom without having the door open (thank goodness I live alone with my two furbabies), cause my little tortie comes in, and wants cuddles when I’m in the bathroom, and I can’t take a bath in peace, cause she’ll sit and stare at me. she got attached to my older cat (black, with the tiniest white patches on her chest and between her legs), and they act like mother and daughter, even though my older cat was fixed around 6 months before the baby was even born. I’m blessed to have these kitties, and take care of me, and I take care of them. and we’re a little family.

  19. I have a blue tortie that is very shy. She doesn’t come out when company comes over. She also is timid when you go to pet her sometimes. We got her from a shelter when she was four months old and has been with us for 3 years. She is very independent and only lets you pet her when she wants the attention.

    • I rescued a Momma tortie and her 4 kittens, one of which was a dilute blue/cream. Even since she was a 3 week old kitten she was a fighter. Named her Kung Foo. She is 6 months old and will still hide and is very unfriendly. She will come out to play with the other 2 cats but will run and hide if you come more than 2 feet from her. Any suggestions?

  20. I have a Blue Tortoiseshell Cat named Muffin, and she is absolutely amazing. I’ve never had a cat that acts like her. She is independent in the fact that she does what she wants to do and when she wants to do it, but she is SO loving. She talks to me a lot, so we have conversations throughout the day, especially when I’m in the kitchen. I call her a K-line because she acts so much like a dog for some reason. She carries things in her mouth, she’ll stand on her back legs often, and she’s always at the door waiting to greet me and Jacob. I wouldn’t have her any other way! I love my kitty!

    • I find your article quite amazing as I have a blue tortoiseshell who is almost 17 now. She is very vocal and she acts like a dog. She growls when someone comes to the door and she always waits to greet me and if she doesn’t want to do something, then she won’t do it.

  21. I have a blue tortie almost a two years old. She’s a warm, loving, courious and shy zen like lady. She occasionally carries on conversations with her imaginary friend. She doesn’t whine or complain as her vocal personality is one of questioning or purring meows. Her litter sis is a normal tortie who is a social butterfly. The two sisters clean, play and rescue each other (sometimes mom accidentally imprisons them in cupboards & closets). Both girls are always courious, loving and bounce off the walls a few times a day.

  22. I am about to get a blue tortoishell cat, but she is very unusual in that she has some fully ginger striped areas on her although she has no white (her mother is a brindled tortoishell with the end of her tail being a full ginger striped – like she has had a different cat fused onto the end of her tail). Another thing that makes this little girl even more unusual is that although she is blue – one leg is not blue but is black tortoiseshell. Would this be Chimera blue tortoiseshell?

  23. I got my blue tortie, Holly, from the local cats protection league as someone had dumped her and her 4 siblings in a wood when they were a few weeks old, which I can not believe as they are beautiful. She’s very talkative and you can have a conversation with her which I haven’t had with my previous cats. She is a diva though always wants to be centre of attention especially when people are visiting, she likes to get her own way she even sits on the coffee table in your view of the tv if you ignore her but she’s also very loving and likes to be cuddled, only on her terms though πŸ™‚

  24. We have a blue tortie and white, 16 month old. We also have 2 Cavalier King Charles dogs and thats where the tortitude comes out. She has no fear of them and will stand there and hiss if they go near her food or litter box. The older dog just ignores her, but the younger dog who will happily bark at bigger dogs/the TV/the postman runs away from Ms.Tortie!!!! She also eats for England and raids the bin from time to time… but is the most placid cat ever when you stroke her.

  25. I have two tortoiseshell cats my 1st one Misty is a short hair 7month old Blue tortie with a very big attitude, she is very vocal and lets you know exactly what he wants, she will go so far as shoving things out your hands for attention and has even sat on my face before and often sleeps along my neck like a scarf. She is although demanding a very loving cat and loves to play. My second tortie Luna is only 2months old she is a black longhaired kitty and she is also demanding with a lot of the same traits as misty (they are siblings their mother is a full Brindle tortie) they are both house cats and we intend to keep them this way as the area I live in is very overpopulated. They both love to think that everything is theirs and if I want to eat something in peace I have to shut them in another room as the are right in my face staring at me they even put their paws in my food and try to make of with it right infront of me, but to be completely honest I wouldn’t have them any other way their personalities are amazing although they a still both very young and I cannot wait to see them change thoughout the years they are simply beautiful cats πŸ™‚

  26. I have a blue tortoiseshell, a reg tortoiseshell and a red cat, and my reg is very secluded and shy, but my blue is outgoing and playful. is there anything you would like to know about them or photos of a blue torte?

      • I have a tortie who is very timid – she has never been outside, doesn’t show any interest in it (although likes looking through the catflap!) but is a very contented girl in her own environment.(I don’t think she had been socialised when I had her at 8 weeks) She is 2 and a half now. She runs upstairs when people come round but does come down after a while. She is getting used to being picked up but prefers to get places under her own steam. She does chatter (which I have heard is very common with torties) but not as much as a previous tortie I had. She loves playing though, and is great fun.

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