Choosing a good cat scratcher

A good quality cat scratcher is essential if you are going to have a tortoiseshell cat or kitten as part of your family. Cats need to scratch to satisfy their natural instincts, and scratching also keeps their claws in good condition. If you don’t invest in a good cat scratcher, then she is likely to use your favourite chairs, tables and wicker baskets to sharpen her claws – which most people are keen to avoid!

There is no way that you can stop your cat from scratching, so she will need to have her own special place in the house where she feels comfortable and can scratch to her heart’s content. It is best to place the scratcher in a part of the home that is used by all of the family rather than in a dark and distant corner, as this will encourage her to use the post and she will make it her domain with the special scent in her paws. It is also a good idea to have the post close to where your cat sleeps, as she will love to stretch out and scratch soon after waking up.

A good scratching post should also stop your cat from destroying your furniture, so it should be strong and sturdy so that it won’t topple over. It should also consist of rough material so that she can really dig her claws into it, and many scratchers also include some form of catnip.

You can buy also sorts of cat scratchers, ranging from simple posts to scratching boards and much larger activity centres. We will be featuring some of our favourite products in our cat scratching section, or you can go straight to a full range of products here.

Whichever cat scratching post that you choose, make sure it is a good quality one as it will need to look good in your home as well as providing a place for your cat to scratch and play.


1 thought on “Choosing a good cat scratcher”

  1. We got our Tortie a scratching post and she ignored it.
    Her preference was to duck under the bed covers and scratch the corner of our water bed.
    Our local carpet store had some samples that they were selling off for 50p each. I asked which samples were the best quality and bought a couple, and cut them to size and tacked them to the corners of the all the beds
    Works a treat.
    It takes about 18 months for for her to shred them. But if I trim off the shredded strands, I can turn them upside down and reuse.
    They can’t be seen because the are covered by the throw during the day.
    Jigsaw loves them and doesn’t scratch anywhere else because she knows she can scratch any bed. She regularly gets off the chair goes upstairs, has a good scratch and come back to the chair. Also, no unsightly scratching post in the house for the last 14 years.
    Tarleton, Lancashire


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