Heated Cat Beds

If your tortoiseshell cat (or any other cat!) needs somewhere warm and cosy to sleep, then a heated cat bed is a very good option. These types of beds are really growing in popularity as the technology improves and they become cheaper to run and operate.

A heated cat bed will provide somewhere warm for her to retreat to all year round, and it means that you don't have to leave the central heating on all night or during a cold winters day!

We have found some of the most popular heated cat beds available today, with the details provided in our helpful table below:




Leopard Print Heated Cat Bed


Petnap Round Heated Cat Bed


Petnap Electric Heated Blue Dome


Mora Pets Self Heating Pad


Heated cat beds are particularly good options for elderly cats, as the bed will warm their joints and keep them nice and toasty. They can help older cats feel less pain if they have arthritis and sore joints, and they can soothe sore muscles and release tension.

Heated cat beds are also great options for cats that usually sleep in cold environments such as a garage, a shed or even a conservatory. A warm bed will help them to be much more comfortable and get to sleep more easily, so don’t be surprised to find your cat flat out on their new bed for most of the time if you decide to treat them!

Different Types of Heated Cat Bed

Microwaveable Pads

There are three general types of heated cat bed, and the most basic of these are beds which include a removable, microwaveable pad.

These pads will usually retain heat for between 30 minutes and an hour, so they are a good option if you know your cat is about to settle down for the night and they are also the cheapest to run.

Thermal Cat Beds

Thermal cat beds use clever technology in the form of insulating material which reflects the heat of the cat back into the bed after they have been lying in it for a few minutes.

The technology in these beds means they are now usually very quiet, so they are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Electric Heated Cat Beds

Electric Heated Cat Beds are those which are equipped with a pet safe electrical cord so they are plugged into the mains to provide a steady stream of heat whenever the power is switched on.

The heat can usually be adjusted to your pets requirements, and although your cat will really love an electric heated bed these are the most expensive types of beds to run.

Best Heated Cat Beds

Heated Cat Beds are available in all different shapes and sizes so it is really difficult to select our favourite. However, we have provided details of a few of our preferred beds below which are available at various different price levels.

Heated Cat Bed with a Leopard Design

  • Comfortable and soft padding
  • Includes internal thermostat
  • Available in small or medium

£45 (small)  £55 (medium)

There is a wide choice of heated cat beds available, so it is really tricky to find the best one. However, we really like this heated Cat Bed with a Leopard Design.

This bed is available in several different sizes, and includes an internal thermostat so that you can monitor the temperature. It can be left on permanently, and has an extra strong cable for any cats (or dogs!) that might take a liking to it.

The bed is soft sided with padding, so it is really cosy and will make a great place for your pet to snuggle up and get nice and warm.

The medium sized bed measures 70cm x 60cm and is about the right size for a normal cat, although some torties are on the small side so may prefer the smaller bed.

This heated cat bed with a leopard design is available for around £45 for a small bed and £55 for a medium sized bed.

Round Red Heated Cat Bed

  • Smart red and paw print design
  • Internal thermostat
  • Machine washable


This bed is also manufactured by Petnap, and it makes our list of recommendations due to the smart red and paw print design and cosy nature.

The bed contains an internal thermometer, and similarly to the Leopard Print bed it can also be left on at all times.

If you are worried about power usage, it uses a similar amount of power to a small lightbulb, so even if you leave the bed on during the winter months this will be a much cheaper optio than leaving the heating on during the day or at night for your cat.

The heat pad within the bed provides the power, and although some reviews find there is not enough padding in the bottom of the bed there are cats up and down the country that have enjoyed a warm and cosy sleep in one of these. It is a very similar price to the Leopard Print bed at £40.

Petnap Electric Heated Blue Dome

  • Soft  and furry dome
  • Great place for cats to nap
  • Gives out a constant low heat
  • Includes a heat pad and internal themostat


For something a bit different, try the Petnap Electric Heated Blue Dome. Your cat will love to climb inside this soft and furry dome, which includes a heat pad and internal thermometer.

The pad gives out a constant, low heat so cats don’t overheat inside, and as cats are very private animals this provides a great place for them to take a nap.

The dome is available in either blue or pink and is priced at £40.99.

Treat your tortoiseshell cat (or any cat for that matter) to a warm night sleep with any of the heated cat beds that we have reviewed here. All of the beds are warm and cosy and perfect for a cold winter night.

Radiator cat beds are another option for a warm night’s sleep. These beds hook over most domestic radiators, and provide a comfortable place to sleep using the heat of the radiator. We have reviewed some of our favourites on a separate post.

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