Radiator Cat Bed

Cat beds come in all shapes and sizes and one of the most popular types is a Radiator Cat Bed. We all know that cats, and torties in particular, like warm and cozy places, and a radiator cat bed fits over the top of your heater or radiator to create a snug and comfortable place for them to sleep.

These sorts of beds are particularly useful in the winter, when it can be cold and dark outside so your cat will love to curl up and sleep over the warmth of the heater or radiator. You may find it difficult to get your cat to move if it is particuarly wet and windy outside!

Radiator cat beds come in several different shapes and sizes to fit most types of radiators. A good radiator cat bed will be soft and comfortable, and several of the best beds will have a removable cover so that you can keep them clean. Some beds are extra wide for double radiators, and can even support one or more cats.

You can choose from all sorts of patterns, and we really like the paw print in the Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Beds. These beds are also great value, and you can get a really great bed for between £10 – £15!

Check out our selection of radiators beds below:

PictureRadiator Cat BedDescriptionPrice
Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Paw PrintDanish Design Kumfy Kradle Radiator BedWarm and soft bed with paw print design for narrow radiators£15
Cats Cradle Radiator BedCats Cradle Radiator BedSheepskin lined bed for wrap around comfort£11.49
Ancol ComfyradAncol ComfyradComfortable bed made from fluffy fleece material£19.99


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