Tortoiseshell cat names

Choosing a name for the new member of your family is a big decision as once her name sticks, you are all going to have to live with it for as long as she is around. It goes without saying that selecting a name is a very personal decision, but it can also be great fun and something that all of the family can get involved with. Nothing will make your young children happier than selecting a name for your cute tortoiseshell kitten, and then watching her grow and become a key member of the family over the years.

There are literally thousands of cat names that you can choose from (we found a website with over 16,000!), so we won’t list all the options here. You just need to make sure that you choose a name that suits your cat’s personality, and if it has some personal meaning to you then that is even better.

The beautiful coat of black, orange, red, brown and black can be the inspiration for plenty of tortoiseshell cat names and some of our favourites are ‘Amber’, ‘Patches’, ‘Cinder’ and ‘Chocolate’. Alternatively you might want to choose a name that suits her because of her tortitude, so how about ‘Mystery’, ‘Ice Queen’ or good old ‘Krazy Kat!’. Also remember that 99.97% of tortoiseshell cats are female – so make sure you give her a girls name.

Once you have chosen a few names, try them out on your cat and see which one suits her best – you may find a name that sticks straight away or it might take a little while before you find the perfect one. Then you just need to get her used to her name – call her name and give her some treats if she comes to you and try to use a soft tone and tender voice.

We hope this helps if you are trying to find a name for your tortoiseshell cat and kitten. We know it is not easy so why don’t you let us know what names your torties have?

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  1. And a cute name that will fit all of them is Moonshine or….. Pepper and if u have a rare Male tortoiseshell cats than here u go… Shadow or Midnight… enjoy!!! 🙂

  2. I have a tortoiseshell cat and her name is Fighter… when she was not even 1 day old she pushed her brother (now dead… died only a few months old 🙁 ) from his mom (Also dead… some dogs got her) to get milk… I watched that happen and I said… She’s Fighter

  3. My tortie girl’s name is Hazel. I originally wanted to name her Dinah, but my daughter came up with “Hazel” out of the blue and it actually fits her VERY well…. the coloring, like hazel eyes, is multiple colors all mixed together and she has rightfully earned the nickname “Hazelnut” for her crazy tortieness. Haha

  4. My Torties name is Sheba and it really suits her cause she behaves like a queen when she dines she uses her left paw pick the food wet or dry and put it in her mouth.I give her a bath every wednesday and if I don’t she taps her drinking water and wipe her face with her wet paws.Sadly she passed away last January 9 and it really devastated me,the grief I feel is too much to bear I feel dead inside.

    • Haera ” rea ” – I am so sorry for the Loss of Sheba in January – and how deeply upset you are still feeling – and I really understand having been in that same situation myself quite a few times now. I just wanted to say to you after reading your letter – PLEASE – Remember that when their physical Body passes away the spirit inside them Lives on …… So when you hear us talk about Rainbow Bridge – and our pets living on over the other side – it is true …… Not just a nice story, Our pets live on after the Physical death of the body. Sheba is very much alive but in spirit ……. Instead of tears – send her your love – and tell her to be happy – She will be running free with other pets over there, and People who will love her for you – you have no need to worry about her I promise you.

  5. I have an Torti and she will be 9 months old on May 31st, 2016. Her name is Abby. When she gets me upset, I usually call her Abigail. I really should have named her Roadrunner. She runs so fast that she skids around corners or skids right into something. She races up and over chairs and tables. She is loving one minute and biting the next. If I try to punish her, she attacks me. and bites my legs. She also waits for you to walk by her and then she will jump out at you. I think she is part monkey has she trie to climb walls and everything else in her path. I love her to pieces, but need to stop this biting. Does that get better with age?

    • Sounds like my 6month old kitten Rocket. She goes from sweet to insanity and nibbles in seconds. She also loves to lick EVERYTHING people, Windows, socks, walls..

  6. My old tortishell cat was named Alsorts when I had her from a rescue aged two it got shortened to Sortie when she died we had another tortishell and named her poppy she’s into everything very vocal and licks us like a dog her ginger brother is very different

  7. I just got a tortoiseshell kitten yesterday, she’s beautiful and is deep brown with caramel highlights and one cream paw. We’ve named her Coco.

  8. two Torties our 4 year old lady is named Snickers (like the candy bar) and 9 weeks old… Contemplating Kit Kat (like the candy bar). Both are colored like the inside of the candy bars.

  9. I have 2 twin girls 8 weeks old, i call them Elizabeth and Victoria. Elizabeth is very vocal and playful. where as Victoria is calm.They sleep together ll the time and play with each other as well.

  10. We have a 5 month old Tortoise shell kitty. She is a little imp and we all love her so much. I named her “Pepper” because her coloring looks just like freshly coarse ground pepper: black, gray, with little spots of tan all over. She is long-haired with a beautiful bushy tail that is black and gray striped like a raccoon’s.

  11. I recently bought home a tortoiseshell kitten, and decided on the name “Nelly”. It means the shining light, most beautiful woman and the bright one. Before we got her, we decided that, that was going to be her name. We later found it the personality behind it is
    “People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.”


    “People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optomistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.”

    It suits my Nelly so much, I’m glad we thought about it.

    • My name is Helena it could Nelly if I wished. You said people with the name Nelly like to travel ecta ecta, well maybe some do but I am the opposite I just hate traveling and just prefer to stay at home. Would not do if we were all the same though would it.


  12. My tortie’s name is Camie. I wanted to name her Camo for her dark camouflage colored fur, but it didn’t sound feminine enough for my sassy little girl! 😉

  13. smudge 5-6 yrs old

    i have a tortie as you say it on here and she is so gorgeous as she was a rescue cat which i saved as she was going to be drowned and i named her smudge because of the black patches on her back

    gismo 1yr old

    now when smudge had kittens ( best thing to watch ever as it so sweet ) she had 4 and i kept the baby tortoise shell and she is more black than white as her dad is a big black cat but she has white paws which i think is very cute but i love all three of mine so much and wud not be without them

  14. I decided to name mine Sandy Claws after Nightmare Before Christmas. Her black and orange fur made me want a Halloween-y name but not one that was overused. We call her Sandy for short.

  15. Have had my cat since she was 1 year old she is tortoiseshell and we have called her ‘Tigger’ she is now 5 and still gets into everything she also likes playing with plastic bags we have bought her loads of toys to play with but she with play with anything xx

  16. We called ours Sunrise because of her bright orange patches. Her mother was called Rumplescots – a four-year-old’s word meaning “hot and cold”, referring to her blend of warm and cool colours 🙂

  17. My cat is named Karma, she got her name based on when she was a baby i would push her off the bed ans she would come back and bite me later on. It also comes from a very spiritual connotation because cats are such mystic and mysterious animals.

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